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After-sales service

After-sales service

After-sales service

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After-sales service
1. Installation:
We shall provide the on-site construction personnel with all the details in need to facilitate the preparation for equipment installation on site. We shall install equipment in the user’s factory until the equipment functions normally.
2. Training:
During installation, we shall offer training to the buyer’s operators on the site, including normal operation, repair, maintenance, analysis of operation issues and emergency treatment processes.
3. Delivery and use of equipment and after-sales technical service
We shall offer a file on equipment installation, operation and maintenance so as to offer technical support for operation training.
After the equipment has been delivered, we shall offer a one-year warranty, which means we shall offer free compensation for damaged parts due to unartificial misoperation. The supplier shall continue to offer life-long technical service one year later.
We shall provide a warranty duplicate which shall specify the effective date of warranty, the scope of warranty and our contact person.
We guarantee to make response within four working hours upon receipt of the Buyer’s service request and to offer corresponding solution within 24 working hours, unless there is special circumstance. 
4. Packing: We are responsible for the packing and shipping of equipment.
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