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Corporate concept

Corporate concept

Corporate concept

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Our commitment:
Provide users with the most safe, stable and efficient mechanical products;
Listen carefully to all the suggestions and complaints;
Remain as enthusiastic as ever in technological innovation;
User satisfaction is our permanent pursuit.
Meticulous manufacturing and user satisfaction are our permanent pursuit.
Based on good faith to achieve common development; 
Corporate mission:
Provide our users with the most suitable and reliable mechanical products which will contribute to their development;
Enable Chaojinda to take the lead in the same industry in terms of brand, user satisfaction and business performance;
Raise the technical content of mechanical products and strive to help more users to profit in a rapid way;
Corporate vision:
To become the most outstanding provider of technology and service for mechanical products;
To become an excellent role model in China’s mechanical realm;
Employee concept:
Employees are the most important asset. Our employee management concept is based on trust and respect. We have been providing free means of communication for our employees and managerial staff and at the same time, we have taken into consideration of our employees’ interest and kept encouraging them in order to ensure equity.  
Efficiency concept:
Accurate budget, strict system, open and pertinent way of communication; 
Concept of competition:
Clear orientation, ability guarantee, definite orientation and responsibility implementation;
Concept of reform: different future and past, meet challenge through constant innovation, pursue new ideas and new service permanently;
Corporate responsibility: make machines more safe and effective and ensure equity for users;
Share: keep studying and summarizing and remain active in sharing;
Truth-seeking: remain frank, practical and realistic; 
Excellence: meet challenges and changes bravely and pursue excellence;  
Value time: value time and manage time in an effective way;
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