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Modified alcohol ultrasonic cleaner

Modified alcohol ultrasonic cleaner

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Product Description

Modified alcohol ultrasonic cleaning machine Fully automatic modified alcohol ultrasonic cleaning equipment Modified alcohol vacuum ultrasonic cleaning machine



1. Design the best cleaning industry according to the cleanliness requirements, production capacity, shape, size and material of the cleaning parts;

2. Integrate cleaning, drying, vacuum oil immersion, centrifugal drying, and automatic conveying into a comprehensive unit, becoming a model of intelligent cleaning and anti-rust technology;

3. Meet the national environmental protection requirements, and the equipment is energy-saving and environmentally friendly;

4. Using the hydrophilic properties of the cleaning solvent, the cleaning range is wider;

5. The equipment is easy to operate, comfortable and space-saving;

6. The cleaning solvent is easy to recover and can be reused.


Parts suitable for cleaning

Cleaning of ultra-precision parts before final assembly, such as the following parts: injector body, nozzle, needle valve, piston, high pressure pump body, precision valve body valve core, aircraft engine parts.