Several common cleaning agents for ultrasonic cleaners

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2022-08-03 15:42

Although the ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used, it is also inseparable from the auxiliary effect of the cleaning agent. Then, which kinds of cleaning agents are often used in the ultrasonic cleaning machine? Let us introduce the content in this regard.
In general, cleaning agents commonly used in ultrasonic cleaners include such two types: chemical cleaners and water-based cleaners. In general, the cleaning medium is a chemical action, and the ultrasonic cleaning machine is a physical action. These two functions work together to perform a thorough and thorough cleaning of the cleaning object. The ultrasonic wave propagates in the cleaning medium, so that the cleaning liquid and the ultrasonic wave under the ultrasonic vibration simultaneously vibrate. When the liquid and the cleaning tank vibrate, they have their own inherent frequency. This vibration frequency is the acoustic frequency, so when ultrasonic cleaning, we You can often hear the sound of snoring. Ultrasonic cleaning machine is an advanced cleaning equipment. As long as we use it scientifically, we can bring a lot of convenience to our cleaning work.
Through the above introduction, we can see that even the best ultra-thin cleaning equipment is not difficult to achieve without the cooperation of affiliates. Therefore, when we carry out cleaning work, not only should we choose good cleaning equipment, but also the choice of good cleaning solvent is also very important.

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