The R&D department of the company brings together R&D teams composed of multi-level talents.

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2022-08-03 15:42

The research and development department of Shenzhen Chaojinda Ultrasonic Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. has brought together a group of professors, senior engineers, undergraduates and other multi-level talents. Integrating universal customer needs into design development, and the company's open software platform can meet the special needs of different customers, shortening the product development cycle and improving the product's resilience. It has accelerated the pace of transforming the traditional industry in the ultrasonic cleaning industry, and has established extensive exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign counterparts, so that the company always stands at the forefront of technology. This team holds the most advanced ultrasonic cleaning technology, surface treatment equipment technology and water treatment technology. They made the current Super Jin become the forerunner of the domestic surface treatment industry.

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