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How should the company maintain the ultrasonic cleaning machine?

How to maintain the ultrasonic cleaning machine, this is a very important issue for many ultrasonic cleaning machines. Chaoda has 16 years of experience to tell you how to maintain the product. First, pay attention to the cleaning of the ultrasonic wave, keep the surface of the ultrasonic cleaning machine clean, and do not have dust accumulation. Second, do not let the washing machine work in a humid environment. If it is necessary to work in a humid environment, try to keep it as dry as possible. Third, try not to bring the liquid to the body, always pay attention to observe whether the body has liquid, try to wipe. More importantly, our company needs to be maintenance-oriented. This is the key factor in determining our purchase of machines.


Glass washer installation and adjustment

The site conditions should have 380V AC power supply, industrial tap water source and drainage ditch


Application range of single-slot ultrasonic cleaner

Among all the cleaning methods, the spray cleaning efficiency is the highest and the effect is uniform.


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