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CJD-9180AF Semi-automatic LCD glass washer

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Product Description

1. Wash and dry with liquid crystal glass.
2. Manual operation, semi-closed structure is suitable for small and medium-sized users to clean in batches.
3. Set independent electrical control box, semi-automatic operation, can control cleaning part, throwing control, temperature control, etc., easy to operate, safe and reliable.
4. There is a mechanical arm up and down throwing system, the cleaning surface is even, and the cleaning effect is enhanced.
5. Original saw-shaped overflow structure, beautiful and practical.
6. Water-based cleaning agent, ultra-pure water, slow-lifting, multi-stage trough high-efficiency filtration hot air drying.
7. Direct heat conduction heating mode with multiple over-temperature functions.
8. Multi-stage cleaning frequency cleaning: 40KHz, 68KHz, 100KHz.