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Product Description

1 Overview
a) Product features
It is a water-cooled refrigeration equipment with high-precision thermostat, which is more stable in operation, has low-voltage and high-voltage protection devices, and has reverse phase protection. The effect of finned and shell and tube heat exchangers is more pronounced than other forms of heat exchangers. Easy to operate, with a miniature digital LED display, the operating status is clear at a glance.
b) Main use and scope of application
Suitable for occasions where the cooling capacity is relatively large.
c) variety
Water-cooled chiller
d) Specifications
Inner tank volume: 460 liters
Dimensions: 800 × 1600 × 1450
Production: 17.06m3 / hour
e) the composition of the model and its representative meaning
CJD - 30 W
↓ ↓
Chao Jinda 30 water-cooled
Abbreviation HP
f) working conditions
Working medium: city water
Media purity: no limit
Media flow: 21.32m3/hour
Ambient temperature: -5~40°C
Humidity: ≤80%
Factory grade: standard factory (actual)
good ventilate
g) Impact on the environment and energy
Meet ROHS standards
h) safety
Reach the safety production standards for refrigeration equipment
2. Overall structural characteristics and working principle
(see machine picture)
The whole machine structure:
Frame, door panel, cold water tank, water pump, compressor, gas storage tank, evaporator, etc.
working principle:
The compressor compresses the gaseous Freon into a high-temperature and high-pressure liquid Freon, and then sends it to the condenser (outdoor unit) to become a normal-temperature high-pressure liquid freon, so the outdoor unit blows out hot air. The liquid Freon passes through the capillary tube and enters the evaporator (indoor unit). The space suddenly increases and the pressure decreases. The liquid Freon vaporizes and becomes a gaseous low-temperature Freon, which absorbs a large amount of heat and the evaporator becomes cold. The fan of the indoor unit blows the indoor air from the evaporator, so the indoor unit blows out the cold air; when the water vapor in the air encounters the cold evaporator, it will condense into water droplets and flow out along the water pipe. This is Air conditioning will cause water. The gaseous Freon then returns to the compressor to continue compression and continues to circulate. When heating, there is a component called a four-way valve, so that the flow direction of the freon in the condenser and the evaporator is opposite to that in the case of cooling, so when the heating is performed, the outdoor air is blown by the cold air, and the indoor unit is blown by the hot air. In fact, it is the principle of absorbing heat when liquefaction (from gas to liquid) learned in junior high school physics is to discharge heat and vaporize (from liquid to gas).
3. Size, weight
Inner tank volume: 460 liters
Dimensions: 800 × 1600 × 1450
Machine weight: about 0.5 tons
4. Transportation
Supplier arrangement
5. Installation, commissioning and training
Users provide installation and commissioning sites and water, electricity and gas facilities.
6. After sales service
a) Enjoy a free warranty for 1 year and enjoy lifetime maintenance;
b) After receiving the repair call, send someone to the office within 24 hours.
7. Price
Cash delivery or ordering is large, enjoy 20~30% discount!