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Full pneumatic steel mesh cleaning machine

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Product Description

1, the product name: all pneumatic steel mesh cleaning machine
2, the product model: CJD-PC-S1060
3, the product introduction:
CJD-PC-S1060 series full pneumatic stencil cleaning machine can be used for solder paste, red glue and silicone residue, and can also be used for PCB board, fixture and other cleaning work related to solder paste red glue. The same type of products are also widely used in the cleaning of inks, aluminum pastes, silver pastes, and the like.
The CJD-PC-S1060 series is fully powered by high-pressure air and integrates global quality control actuators such as FESTO (Germany), SMC\CKD (Japan), Ingersoll Rand (USA), G-Doking (Korea), etc. Pneumatic logic control, one-button operation, easy to clean and dry. The cleaning pressure can be adjusted as needed to ensure the stability of the stencil tension, thus ensuring a longer service life of the stencil.
The CJD-PC-S1060 Series can use a wide range of cleaning fluids for efficient cleaning such as IPA, alcohol and other water based solvents. Chaojinda can recommend the most suitable cleaning solution according to the actual needs of customers, such as CJD-C-01\CJD-C-02.
4, product technical parameters
Cleaning effect
Cleaning performance
● BGA: 0.1mm
● QFP: 0.3mm
● 0603chip(0201mil)
● 3mm printing steel mesh
● Semiconductor silicone
● red plastic
● With lead solder paste
● lead-free solder paste
Main feature 
● No electricity at all, no security risks
● Four-stage filtration device to ensure the recycling of cleaning fluid to minimize cleaning fluid loss
● Safety interlocking device and complete machine are completely sealed to ensure production safety and environmental safety
● Special rotary spray design to ensure the overall high cleanliness of the steel mesh
● Automatically add drainage system to effectively reduce labor intensity and save working time
● Special small exhaust vent design to improve the working environment
● The cleaning pressure is adjustable to ensure the stability of the steel mesh tension
● Visual fluid design, convenient for timely filling, to ensure the normal operation of the machine
● Centralized control and easy maintenance
● All stainless steel pipe, safe and durable, durable corrosion resistance
● Unique steel mesh installation design, cleaning steel mesh of different sizes, no need to install fixtures separately
● Longer service life, better performance and higher cost performance than similar products
Product specifications




L 650 X W 1000 X H 1650 mm

Net weight

300 KG

Gas source / power supply

0.4~0.6 MPa

Gas consumption


Applicable steel mesh size

736 X 736 X 40 mm(MAX) 370 X 470 X 40 mm(MIN)

Four levels of circulation

Level 4 Level 1 20μm / Level 2 10μm / Level 3 5μm / Level 4 1μm

Storage tank capacity

60 L (MAX) 

Exhaust port size

¢125 X H 30 mm

Necessary exhaust speed


Cleaning method

360° cleaning solution rotary spray cleaning +360° air rotary spray drying

Cleaning time

2~4 min  ※

Drying time

2~4 min  ※                                

Applicable solvent

IPA, alcohol, water based solvent CJD-C-01/C-02/C-06

※ The cleaning time and drying time are the time required to use our recommended solvent; the exact time varies depending on the type of solvent used.

5, the basic structure of the product
● Material The outer casing and frame are made of T=2.0mmSUS304# stainless steel plate and 40*40*2mmSUS304# stainless steel square. The internal structure is made of T=2mm SUS304# stainless steel plate. (If the customer chooses to spray the outer casing, the outer casing and the frame adopt T=1.5mm cold-rolled plate and 40*40*2mm cold-drawn square pass, and the surface is sprayed.)
● The upper part is the cleaning studio and the operation panel.
● The lower part is the liquid storage tank, pneumatic diaphragm pump and filtration system.
● The top is an exhaust system with a ¢125mm external exhaust vent
6, installation
Installation place
To ensure safe production and to prevent possible damage to the equipment, the equipment should be installed in a location that meets the following environmental conditions:
Keep away from fire and heat sources,
Air dry, well ventilated
Clean, clean, smooth and vibration-free ground
Installation required spare parts
● The air source pressure is 0.4-0.6MPa, and the flow rate is 400-700L/Min.
● The air source nozzle is ¢12mm, and a quick connector is required.
● The top of the equipment is designed with a mm125mm exhaust port, which needs to be connected to the outside by an independent air duct. When taking over, it is required to turn less than two 90 degrees and the length is less than 6M. Otherwise, it is necessary to increase the forced exhaust fan (the automatic exhaust speed of this equipment is 3M/S).
To ensure safe production, the customer must specifically ensure that the following safety measures are in place.
1), with at least 3 meters away from live equipment, away from fire and heat.
2) The ground wire must be connected and grounded separately. It should not be connected to the ground wire of other live equipment.
3) The exhaust duct of this equipment should not be connected to any exhaust duct of equipment that can generate heat source (such as SMT reflow soldering, wave soldering, etc.).
7, after-sales service
● Free 12-month technical support and service after product delivery. Zero or component damage caused by non-human operation errors is repaired by the manufacturer free of charge. Man-made damage to parts is purchased by the customer at the original price, and the manufacturer's labor and travel expenses are paid. After the expiration of the term, continue to provide lifetime paid technical support and services.
● Response time after receiving customer service claims during the warranty period:
Telephone or electronic network communication within 1 hour, provide technical support, please use the party to solve the problem. If it can't be solved, the manufacturer will send a professional sales service personnel to the user company to solve the problem as soon as possible.