Product Description

1 Overview
a) Product features
It is a new type of oven. The inner chamber of the oven is arranged in layers. The distance between the layers and the layers can be changed according to the size of the workpiece. The baking temperature can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the product to meet the requirements of use. The appearance is exquisite and is favored by users.
b) Main use and scope of application
Can be baked in a variety of small size products
c) variety
Multi-function oven
d) Specifications
Inner groove size: 800 × 800 × 800
Dimensions: 1200 × 1300 × 1400
Production: 20min / box
e) the composition of the model and its representative meaning
↓ ↓
Chao Jinda Oven
f) working conditions
Workpiece name: no limit
Workpiece size: no limit
Workpiece output: 20min/carton
Ambient temperature: -5~40°C
Humidity: ≤80%
Factory grade: standard factory (actual)
good ventilate
g) Impact on the environment and energy
Meet ROHS standards
h) safety
Meet mechanical safety production standards
2. Overall structural characteristics and working principle
(see machine picture)
The whole machine structure:
Liner, door panel, insulation layer, partition frame, frame, heating pipe, wind wheel, temperature control system, etc.
working principle:
After the workpiece is heated, the moisture on the workpiece is more likely to evaporate, so that the moisture is quickly separated from the workpiece, and the moist hot air is drained away to achieve the purpose of drying the product in a short period of time.
3. Size, weight
Inner groove size: 800 × 800 × 800
Dimensions: 1200 × 1300 × 1400
Machine weight: about 0.8 tons
4. Transportation
Supplier arrangement
5. Installation, commissioning and training
Users provide installation and commissioning sites and water, electricity and gas facilities.
6. After sales service
a) Enjoy a free warranty for 1 year and enjoy lifetime maintenance;
b) After receiving the repair call, send someone to the office within 24 hours.
7. Price
Cash delivery or ordering is large, enjoy 20~30% discount!