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Nanofiltration equipment

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Product Description

1 Overview
a) Product features
1. The system has high filtration precision, stable processing effect, simple maintenance, beautiful appearance of equipment and precise manufacturing.
2, system parameters control is precise, self-control design is perfect, can be fully self-controlled according to customer requirements
3, system design experience, design capabilities ranging from tens of liters per hour of laboratory equipment to hundreds of tons of large industrial systems per hour
4, the system process design verification is strict, the design is rigorous
b) Main use and scope of application
1. Nanofiltration separation is increasingly used in electronics, food and pharmaceutical industries, such as ultrapure water preparation, high concentration of juice, peptide and amino acid separation, antibiotic concentration and purification, whey protein concentration, nanofiltration membrane-biochemistry Reactor coupling and other actual separation processes.
2. Nanofiltration is mainly used in the purification of drinking water and industrial water, wastewater purification treatment, and concentration of valuable components in process fluids.
c) variety
1, CA film
2, CTA film
3, aramid composite film
4. Sulfonated polyethersulfone membrane
d) Specifications
1, water production 0.25-100T / H
2, film size 4 inch, 8 inch
e) the composition of the model and its representative meaning
f) working conditions
Ambient temperature: -5~40°C
Humidity: ≤80%
Factory grade: standard factory (actual)
good ventilate
g) Impact on the environment and energy
Meet ROHS standards
h) safety
Meet mechanical safety production standards
2. Overall structural characteristics and working principle
(As shown in FIG)
The whole machine structure:
1, anti-corrosion rack
2, nanofiltration membrane components
3, chemical cleaning system
4, electropneumatic control valve
5, monitoring instrument
6, automatic control of the electrical system
working principle:
Nanofiltration (NF, Nanofiltration) is a pressure-driven membrane separation process between reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration. The pore size of the nanofiltration membrane is in the range of a few nanometers.
3. Transportation
Manufacturer arrangement
4. Installation, commissioning and training
Buyers provide installation and commissioning facilities.
5. After sales service
a) Enjoy [free warranty for 1 year] lifetime maintenance;
b) After receiving the repair call, send someone to the office within 24 hours.
6. Price