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Fully enclosed anodizing production line

Used for anodizing aluminum products such as mobile phone middle frame and back cover anodizing

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Product Description

Product Features

1. The production line is a production line composed of automatic control methods. It is designed according to the production requirements of the purchased process, combined with the actual operation specifications and our company's 20 years of rich experience in surface treatment equipment manufacturing.

2. The production line has a medium-rail gantry crane (depending on the number of vehicles equipped in the process), the horizontal and vertical operation of the crane is controlled by PLC, and the Mitsubishi inverter is used to realize multi-level automatic speed regulation, slow start, stop and fast operation. The speed is 4-40m/min, and the lifting speed of the hook is 7-12m/min; the operation control of the whole machine is concentrated in the main electric control cabinet, and the temperature control instruments, operation switches, voltmeters, etc., are installed separately for driving, which is convenient for operation and control. , A separate touch screen is used to achieve separate monitoring, and an open program is used to monitor the corresponding driving action and automatically time the workpiece after the workpiece is slotted. The industrial parameters can be customized. Ensure product quality, provide product consistency, and facilitate standardized management of workshops. The operation modes are automatic and manual control, and can be switched between each other at any station.

3. The production rhythm of the whole line is finally adjusted according to the fast running speed of the driving and the actual process of the production line;

4. The loading and unloading process of the whole line is completed by an automatic mechanism combined with manual operation. The loading level adopts a fixed positioning. After manual confirmation, the crane is automatically controlled by the driving to lift it into the surface treatment function tank to complete the oxidation work procedure.


Use of anodizing equipment

It is used for anodizing aluminum products such as the middle frame and back cover of mobile phones.